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Unwanted Apps

How to remove Web Zoom

Web Zoom is a potentially unwanted program categorized as adware. Such programs cause absolute clutter around your browser by displaying various types of advertisements. Whilst the initial purpose is to improve browsing by generating ostensibly useful content based on user's habits, the reality looks totally different. Banners and coupons promoted by Web Zoom may contain hidden links that, once clicked, redirect users to malicious websites that run executable scripts or force you to do something. Advertisements shown by Web Zoom can be called: "Ads by Web Zoom", "Powered by Web Zoom", "Brought to you by Web Zoom".

How to remove Outbyte PC Repair

As developers claim, Outbyte PC Repair is a system optimization tool that can boost up your PC substantially. Unfortunately, the program's activity cannot be trusted because it displays fake information about privacy, junk files, malware, and other issues. After running a scan, most people may become flabbergasted due to the intimidating number of problems. Therefore, Outbyte PC Repair says that detected issues can damage your PC and need to be removed as soon as possible. To do so, users should purchase the full version by clicking on the Activate button. Note that such apps are infamous and typically categorized as Potentially Unwanted Software that is created to extort money from gullible users. Once activated, the program will simply clarify the fabricated list of threats and say that your PC is safe. Additionally, Potentially unwanted applications can secretly gather personal intel and sell it to cybercriminals as another source of income.

How to remove NG Player (Mac)

NG Player is a media player developed for Mac which delivers a more elegant and versatile interface for playing videos of multiple formats. Basically, there are lots of similar apps that replace native media players with more advanced features. Unfortunately, most of them are designed for evil purposes concealed under the veil of usefulness. NG Player is not an exception either and was categorized as an adware-type program that puts your data under risk and spreads suspicious ads across the browser. Such applications often infiltrate users without permission alongside other downloads. Once installed, they are allowed to record sensitive data like passwords, geolocations, IP-addresses, and other vital data that is therefore transferred to cybercriminals for monetary purposes. Another trait of adware is imposing deceptive banners and coupons that fool you into clicking on them. These redirects can be dangerous since they can stealthily install malware and leave the data exposed for cybercriminals.

How to remove 360 Total Security

360 Total Security is a legitimate anti-virus program developed by the Chinese company called Qihu 360 Software Co Ltd. and designed to ensure the system security and other features to fight off the threats. Believe it or not, but recent investigation on its effectiveness found out that it does not guard your computer as it should, therefore, categorizing it as a potentially unwanted program with lots of significant downsides. Do not worry, 360 Total Security is a virus-free program, but it does not provide good-quality software for their customers. This way most of the users who rely on its effectiveness intuitively start feeling more confident on the web because their system is allegedly secured. Of course, it is absurd to deny that 360 Total Security does not secure your PC at all, but due to the fact that current cybercriminals have been very proficient in penetrating users' devices, it just cannot prevent all of the threats and ensure full safety. Besides that, it can report about fake errors or viruses on your computer hence aggressively urging you to obtain the full version to secure your pc even better. Obviously, this is a trick used to steal money from ingoing users. Even if you purchase an extended version it will just remove all of the false errors it displayed previously while running a scan.

How to remove Easy Mac Care

Easy Mac Care is a fake system optimization tool designed for Macintosh. Developers claim their software to speed up the system by eliminating cache, logs and other unnecessary data that can slow down your PC. Whereas it may seem useful, research shows that Easy Mac Care brings no promised value, on the contrary, it creates a list of fake issues displayed after running a scan. This is made to force inexperienced users into buying the Premium version to activate PRO features and rectify these issues as a result. Being classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program, Easy Mac Care is supposedly designed to extort money. It is much better to use trusted and official tools like CleanMyMacX or others that have been testified by most users and deserved integrity in the market. On top of that, we are not sure about Easy Mac Care, but some PUPs can put your privacy under risk by stealthily gathering personal data and selling it to third-parties.

How to remove MacReviver

MacReviver is a disputable optimizing and cleaning tool designed for Mac operating systems. It usually comes along with costless programs that include corporate setup procedure. MacReviver is considered as another sneaky adware bundled to them and installed on your computer without a ring. In most cases, users have no idea how this program crouched into their systems. Some of them do not even realize how negative it can affect their PCs thinking that it helps their pc employing by means of cleanup and optimization. Woefully, it does not properly implement its initial purpose because it mainly focuses on baiting users to pay for the full and extended versions that will give allegedly more accurate clean-up and malware elimination. If you really care about making your pc work faster and stay clear, then install the popular and reliable program called CleanMyMacX. It is also necessary to point out that MacReviver is an ad-supported program that gobbles up optional system resources to display unwanted ads and force you into clicking on them as a result.