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IObit Uninstaller deserved its place in my list for 3 reasons. First is amazing and super user-friendly interface. Second is browser add-on removal feature. And the third one – it is FREE. And of course, it is doing its main job greatly, searching for leftover files. Forced uninstall feature is also present. It also has useful feature for Windows 8 – ability to uninstall Windows 8 apps and clean their leftovers. But lets review it step-by-step in more details.

Features of IObit Uninstaller

Remove program’s residual data

remove residual data after uninstalling

We all know how to uninstall a program in Windows systems. You just need to go into Control Panel > Uninstall a program, select program from the list and click uninstall. But unfortunately many programs leave lots of residual data that will not be removed this way. Those are files and folder in users hidden folders in AppData folder. Folders in ProgramData folder and many regkeys in your registry. IObit Uninstaller uses special algorithms to search for such leftovers and gives you an option to remove it. So you can keep your computer clean and optimized and save some space by removing useless information.

Remove programs that won’t uninstall

forced uninstall

Another issue PC users face is when program, that can be clearly seen as installed on computer, is not present in programs list. Or it is present, but when they try to uninstall it it gives them error message that installer is corrupt, access denied, not enough rights to remove. In all this cases you can use wonderful feature of IObit uninstaller called Forced Uninstall. You just need to choose and show the program file, folder or even shortcut of a program you cannot uninstall normally, and it will start smart search for files, folders and registry keys belonging to this software. Or it may find actual uninstaller of this program on your PC. All you need is to click Remove button and it is gone.

Remove unwanted browser add-ons

remove toolbars and extensions

Maybe you know that extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers cannot usually be controlled from Control Panel. You can use browsers menu options to get to the list of installed extensions and remove them from there. IObit Uninstaller is not only showing you all installed BHOs for Internet Explorer and extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari browsers, but also displays average user’s rating for this or that add-on which helps you decide what extension to remove. You can also rate it according to your experience.

Remove your files and documents permanently

file shredder

As you know files you remove form your computer can be easily recovered even after you empty your Recycle Bin. Data can be also restored even after hard disk formatting. If you want to permanently remove some private or important files from your computer use special feature of IObit Uninstaller – File Shredder. You just need to add a path to certain file or folder and click Shred button. Be careful not to add files you need or system files and folders.

Remove Windows 8 apps

uninstall windows 8 apps

In newest Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 operating systems there is special category of programs working in “metro” interface. Those are Finance, Alarms, Calendar, Food & Drink etc. There is no obvious option to remove them in Windows 8. IObit Uninstaller shows you all installed apps, gives you option to uninstall separate applications and will search for leftover items as well. Cool little feature.


I will surely recommend you to use this program as it is free, nice, useful, fast and constantly improving. If you are searching for something more advanced – try Advanced System Care from IObit.

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