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Avast Browser Cleanup utility is free tool from Avast that is actually available for all owners of Avast Antivirus or Internet Security and can be downloaded for free by everyone. I think it is undeservedly underrated by many experienced users. This program is extremely helpful when removing browser adware and browser hijackers as it can remove browser extensions in 3 browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer) and safely reset homepage and search settings (without loosing your passwords and filled forms).

Remove unwanted add-ons from your browsers

avast browser cleanup add-ons removal

Main feature of Avast Browser Cleanup is ability to detect unwanted extensions installed in your browsers and remove them in couple of clicks without having to deal with various browser settings. In given example program detected adware extension called Deals Plugin – and it was installed in all 3 main browsers on tested PC. All you need to do is to click Remove all add-ons button and program will ask you to set default homepage and search provider. After you choose the option it will remove extension from all browser and cleanup leftovers. This is extremely helpful when standard Uninstall a program feature in Windows haven’t removed it. However, I recommend you to scan your PC quality antimalware scanner before using Avast Browser Cleanup as it is just additional utility without database of threats. The best among such scanners are SpyHunter 5 and Malwarebytes AntiMalware.

Reset homepage and search provider settings in your browsers

avast browser cleanup reset settings

Most helpful feature in Avast Browser Cleanup, to my mind, is ability to “gently” reset your browsers settings. This is extremely useful after some toolbar or hijacker infection. Antimalware or antivirus can eliminate core files, folders, registry keys of such threats. But usually hijacked settings remain unchanged. In this case just use Avast Browser Cleanup – go to your browser tab and click Reset Settings button. In the list choose Reset to original settings and click Complete free cleanup button. That’s it!

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  1. poderia me dizer pq o firefox não é reconhecido pelo avast browser cleanup? obs estou usando versão mais recente.
    Na hora que o abro só aparece o IE e o chrome e ignora o firefox.


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