How to remove (Mac and Windows)

Standard or Opti Page Search is malicious browser hijacker, that belongs to notorious Babylon Ltd., developer of Babylon Toolbar. It can infect both Mac and Windows computers and targets Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. overwrites default values of search engine and homepage settings. Users are redirected to and then to one of the following search engines:,,, Google Custom Search or itself, depending on users geolocation. Main page of this questionable website can be filled with ads “Powered by Taggy” and have sponsored links to third-party shopping sites.

How to remove (Mac)

Standard or is bogus third-party search engine, that installs in Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Web application Search Pulse and company with the same name originated from Israel. Hijacker replaces homepage, default search engine and new tab settings in your browsers. Searches from can be redirected to Yahoo, Bing or Google. Malefactors gain advertising revenue from traffic driven to any of this search engine. However, along with redirection, can collect browser data and search history from users and share it with advertisers.

How to remove

Standard or is unwanted search engine by Mindspark Interactive, that is often used in toolbars designed by this company. Can be also promoted separately. It can infect Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Search queries are redirected to, which is search engine result page. is legitimate search engine, but results it delivers can be filled with sponsored links and extra advertising. Distribution methods are doubtful, and Mindspark Toolbars are classified as browser hijackers and potentilly unwanted programs.

How to remove Web Companion


Web Companion is legal security application from Lavasoft. It was developed to promote Lavasoft products and services by installing browser add-ons such as Ad-aware Security Search, Ad-aware Ad Block, Ad-aware Web Protection and Ad-ware Smart Shopper in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Although, Lavasoft is considered reputable vendor and applications may be useful there are some side effects and undesirable consequences for inexperienced users. This extensions modify browser search and homepage to either, or, depending on your location. Those are not most wide-spread search engines and novice users complain of unexpected browser modifications. Ad-aware Smart Shopper can display ads, pop-ups and discount coupons on shopping sites.

How to remove SavingsCool (CoolSavings)


SavingsCool (sometimes presented as CoolSavings) is potentially unwanted program, that can be classified as browser hijacker and adware. It was developed to display ads, pop-ups and banners on different websites. This can be realized via installing extensions in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. However, latest version of SavingsCool uses proxy hijack to drive traffic through servers controlled by the developers. SavingsCool modifies transmitted data to show advertising.

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