How to remove Secure Search Bar


Secure Search Bar is malicious browser extension, that adds search bar to the top of browser windows in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. If user tries to type query in search box, it redirects to, which then leads to It also generates random ads and redirects, when users surf internet. Secure Search Bar mostly comes as add-on, but sometimes it can be malicious program module or shortcut hijack.

How to remove

Standard is browser hijacker presumably originated in Russia. It hits Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers modifying homepage, search and newtab settings. It has minimalistic design, that can resemble Google or Bing search engines. It redirects searches to, which is sub-domain of famous Russian search engine and news portal. also infects browser shortcuts on the desktop.

How to remove

Standard is bothersome browser hijacker, that infects Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer by modifying browser shortcuts. Main page of this website contains some short stories with thumbs up and thumbs down buttons on yellow and white background. From the domain zone we can suggest, that developers located in China. Purpose of is to show ads, pop-ups, banners, coupons.

How to remove

Standard is unwanted search engine with minimalistic design, that resembles popular search engines. Actually, this website redirects search queries to Google. claims to collect user browser information for purposes to improve its services, however, as we can see on the example of other hijackers, this information is used for advertising purposes, or just sold to third parties.

How to remove

Standard is website, that is used to hijack browser settings in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. From the name of the domain one may think it is aiming Czech Republic, but in fact this is just one of the random names hijackers use to mislead users. This search engine targets international audience and redirects user search queries to, which is Google Custom Search.

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