How to remove

Standard is another wide-spread hijacker, that replaces homepage and search engine settings in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer with This is popular pattern, when malefactors are affiliated with well-known search engines, and get paid for users redirected to certain search websites. Search engines fight for the market, and developers of use deceptive methods to set website up in browsers as default homepage, search engine and newtab.

How to remove

Standard is nasty browser hijacker, that overrides browser homepage and search engine by modifying browser settings and shortcuts in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It resembles popular search websites and is available on 20 languages, so many countries can be potential targets of this threat. When user types search query in the search field and presses enter, websites redirects you to

How to remove

Standard is website, that acts as browser hijacker an replaces homepage and search engine in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Developers promote it as advanced search engine with enhanced search results, however it just redirects user search queries to Malefactors get affiliate commission by driving traffic to this search and collect private information like search and visits history.

How to remove Matrix ransomware and decrypt .matrix files


Matrix Ransomware is ransomware virus that encrypts user files with either symmetric or asymmetric cryptography. It adds .matrix extension to encrypted files. After finishing encryption process, Matrix creates a text file matrix-readme.rtf or Readme-Matrix.rtf. Virus places this files in every folder with affected files. This text file contains instruction to pay the ransom, where malefactors encourage users to contact them via e-mails:, or

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