How to remove (Windows and Mac)

Standard or YourMapsNow is misleading browser hijacker, that replaces default search engine and homepage in Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on Windows or Mac. Often, it is accompanied with browser extension or application called “Your Maps Now”. This add-on sneaks in browsers and takes control over main browser settings. Of course, it installs without user permission using the deceptive tactic. After installation, user search queries are redirected to and then to This allows the hijacker to collect private browser data and share it with advertising companies. The homepage also changes to and, besides search, provides quick links to main map resources such as Google Maps and Bing Maps. Page looks similar to normal search engine page, and some users don’t even see the difference until they start searching for something.

How to remove Dharma-FUNNY Ransomware and decrypt .FUNNY files


FUNNY Ransomware is nearly identical to previous versions of Crysis-Dharma-Cezar ransomware family, except that now it adds .FUNNY extension to encrypted files. Dharma-FUNNY Ransomware constructs file extension from several parts: e-mail address, unique 8-digit identification number (randomly generated) and .FUNNY extension. ID number is also used for victim identification, when hackers send decryption key (although they do it rarely). Dharma-FUNNY Ransomware authors demand from $500 to $15000 ransom, that can be paid in Monero, Dash or BTC (BitCoins), and in return they promise to send decryption key. This type of ransomware is coded and distributed as RaaS (Ransomware as service), and people your are trying to contact can be just resellers. That is why, amount of money they want for decryption can be very big. Using cryptocurrency makes it impossible to track the payee. We do not recommend to pay any money to malefactors. Usually, after some period of time security specialists from antivirus companies or individual researchers break the algorithms and release decryption keys.

How to remove


Ads and redirects from in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are caused by installed browser extensions. As a result, users constantly see advertising blocks before and after Google search results. After clicking on links in this ads, they are redirected to the aforementioned domain. Currently, there is a list of certain add-ons, known to be the source of infection, however, malware developers may extend distribution by purchasing more and more Chrome and Firefox extensions projects. Ads and redirects appear soon after updating such e This is a dangerous and perfidious way of spreading the infection, as it hits unsuspecting owners of previously good and safe add-ons.

How to remove Matrix Ransomware and decrypt .matrix, .THDA, .NOBAD, .GMAN files


Matrix Ransomware is ransomware virus that encrypts user files with either symmetric or asymmetric cryptography. It adds .matrix extension to encrypted files. After finishing encryption process, Matrix creates a text file matrix-readme.rtf or Readme-Matrix.rtf. Virus places this files in every folder with affected files. This text file contains instruction to pay the ransom, where malefactors encourage users to contact them via e-mails:, or

How to remove Minotaur Ransomware and decrypt .Lock files


Minotaur Ransomware is new type of ransomware, that encrypts user files and demands 0.125 Bitcoins for decryption. All files encrypted by Minotaur receive .Lock extension. According to security specialists, Minotaur Ransomware firstly attacks data on flash drives, and only then switches to local drives. Currently, there is no way to return captured files. If you have backups, you need to remove Minotaur Ransomware from your computer, make sure it is not active and restore from backups. Otherwise, you can make attempt to recover files using instructions below (restore points, previous versions of files, data recovery software). Please, remember, that by paying to racketeers, you put your credentials at risk. Often, after some time antivirus companies or individual enthusiasts break encryption algorithms amd release decryption tools. Of you won’t succeed in restoring your files today, preserve important data for possible recovery in future.

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