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How to remove Human Verification pop-ups

Human Verification pop-up is a social-engineering trick designed to trick users into clicking on the "Allow" button to verify that you are not a robot. Verification captchas are indeed required on multiple websites to prove that you are not a bot, however, this redirect is fake and sends spam of malicious advertisements right on your desktop after allowing push notifications. It can be seen whilst inadvertently clicking on dubious ads or links that redirect you to other pages. Also, if you constantly see this message at the start of a browser, then your computer is more likely infected with adware. The presence of unwanted applications like adware can slow down your PC and diminish the entire experience.

How to remove (,

0 (,,, is an unwanted web-site that overlays your PC with suspicious advertisements. To do so, it tricks you into allowing fake push-notification box located in the top left corner once you open the page. It may claim that it is necessary for watching a video, entering a page, downloading a file, pass captcha, or something similar. If (, opens up in your browser on its own, then more likely you have an adware program that altered browser settings. Oftentimes, such programs crawl deeply into file directions and leave residual data even after deletion that can be used for quick reinstallation. To make sure that all traces are wiped out, follow our guide presented below.

How to remove Ragnar Locker Ransomware and decrypt .ragnar or .ragn@r...

Ragnar Locker is a malicious piece classified as ransomware that encrypts personal data and disables the work of installed programs like ConnectWise and Kaseya, which provide solutions for many Windows services, including data recovery, ransomware protection, and other ways to secure privacy. This is made to slacken the ability of the system to counter ransomware infection. In fact, you will not spot these changes and your data will be locked instantly. The way Ragnar Locker encrypts user's files is by assigning the .ragnar (or .ragn@r) extension with random characters. For instance, the original file named 1.mp4 will be retitled to 1.mp4.ragnar_0FE49CCB and reset its icon as well. After the encryption process gets to a close, Ragnar Locker creates a text file named according to the combination used for encrypted files (RGNR_0FE49CCB.txt). Unfortunately, attempting to use third-parties utilities for decryption, may injure data and lead to its permanent loss. Therefore, the best way to retrieve files for free is to delete Ragnar Locker Ransomware and restore blocked files from backup (USB-storage), if possible.

How to remove 39 viruses were found pop-up (Windows/Mac/Android/iOS)

If you witness 39 viruses were found window after booting the browser, then this is because your computer is being disrupted by adware or other viruses. The "39 viruses were found" pop-up has been spotted targetting all Apple products such as Mac, iPhone, iPad, however, it also appears on Windows and Android devices. The virus can affect Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Edge browsers. The intrusive tab claims that your computer is infected with 39 viruses and needs urgent recovery. Unlike other similar scammers, the pop-up tries to intimidate inexperienced users by saying that you should delete the found threats within 2 minutes, otherwise, they will obliterate all of the files stored on your PC. In fact, the pop-up imitates huge troubles meaning that your device might be completely secure and virus-free. Depending on what device was infected, the message may also vary individually. Such messages are basically meant to convince users that their pcs are damaged therefore forcing into spending money on fake anti-malware tools that will ostensibly solve the detected issues.

How to remove Smarty

Smarty is an ostensibly legitimate extension designed for many browsers including Chrome, MozillaFirefox, Internet Explorer, and others. Developers claim that Smarty provides convenient management of installed applications. In other words, it alleviates the search of multiple programs giving direct links to download them. Unfortunately, Smarty uses rogue advertising methods to generate revenue. This simply means that such add-ons manipulate browser settings to spread unwanted content like banners, coupons, pop-ups, or offers and make people click on them. Also, keep in mind that such changes can downgrade browser performance and put your data (passwords, IP-addresses, geolocations, etc.) under risk of being hijacked.

How to remove Cool New Tab Theme (Mac)

Cool New Tab Theme is a browser hijacker infection that targets Mac-based systems. Users experiencing malware of such type, have their browsers controlled by third-parties organizations and imposed with other features. One of them relates to the assignment of a fake search engine ( that incessantly redirects entered queries to legitimate engines like This is such a sneaky method to earn quick cash by generating traffic of queries channeled through recognized platforms. It is also determined that Cool New Tab Theme was previously delivered by Chrome extension called Emoji Keyboard that is no longer available in the store. Despite this, developers switched up to engaging circuitous routes like bundling to promote their software.