How to remove ads

There have been lots of fake push notifications pop-ups deconstructed in our blog so far. is not an exception either proving that there is a countless amount of such tools around the web that you should know how to pass over. itself is a social engineering trick that stands for push notification pop-ups. In fact, push notifications is a wonderfull tool supposed to notify users about the latest updates on Blogs and other informative resources. Although, some gurus of the internet can make a reverse effect out of it by camouflaging malicious content under it. These kinds of advertisements generated by provide lots of malicious links and resources that can infect your computer and result in the inevitable leak of personal data, files and other sorts of information contained on your computer.

How to remove LandSlide Search ( from Mac

LandSlide Search is a malicious piece that exists in both program and extension versions. It is presented as a tool to alleviate the searching process by altering your homepage and changing the search engine to For example, if you try to type something in Google search engine it will instantly dispatch you over to its LandSlide Search engine. However, it operates as a hijacker that is supposed to track your browser's activity and show unwanted advertisements on its homepage apparently as a way to gain profit. Most fabricated search engines cannot actually generate search results, so they automatically redirect to Google, Yahoo, Bing or other legitimate search engines. is not an exception, it redirects to Yahoo search engine which seems to be minor and absolutely clear. However, it still drops the browser working speed and can gather your data (such as IP-addresses, passwords, geolocations and other valuable info).

How to remove ads is a common website designed to download videos right from the YoutTube platform by pasting URL-link of any video you want into the searching space which is not legal, by the way. Unfortunately, while trying to download a video you instantly get a fabricated pop-up message usually followed by the text like "Click allow to continue" or "Click allow to download a video" which is a social engineer trick to rope you into the spam of nasty advertisement that will be appearing within your computer or any other devices. Initially, push notifications accompanied by pop-ups on the left side of the page is a friendly feature designed to notify users about the latest updates on some resources. And due to its popularity, lots of cyber criminals tempt to exploiting this feature in their favor, therefore, creating a certain circle of websites that contain a malicious chain of ads and viral links like ads.

How to remove MindSpark Toolbar (Windows and Mac)

MindSpark ToolBar is one of the browser extensions that is installed directly to your computer and aimed to provide a more convenient browser interface including customizable homepage, fast access to multiple websites, your social pages, online stores and so forth. Besides that, it changes the search engine to "Ask" and outgoing results as well. It is available for the most popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Generally, there are so many analogs of it that seem to be executing the same positive purpose, although not for users themselves. And this is when the dark side begins. MindSpark ToolBar can also show lots of malicious ads, pop-ups and banners whilst surfing. It is capable of acquiring access to your personal data, passwords and many other morsels that third parties can largely chew on.

How to remove ads (Windows and Mac) is a legitimate advertising service providing a URL-shortening feature. It is known for redirecting users to websites in order to display some paid advertisements before entering the actual page. However, by doing so, it can also provoke pop-ups appearing above the website and force you into pages that include lots of unwanted resources. Basically, push notifications offered by pop-ups can be pretty useful on such informative resources like blogs, online newspapers, and so on. Nonetheless, browser hackers managed to penetrate into and put tricky pop-ups to make you receive deceptive ads in the right bottom of your screen, that are often used to promote adware, browser hijackers, and potentially malicious applications. This may eventually fool you into clicking on these ads that may lead to intrusive advertisements, cause unwanted redirects, modify browser settings, and record sensitive data.

How to remove STOP Ransomware and decrypt .piny or .redl files

If your files became unavailable, unreadable and got .piny or .redl extensions it means your computer is infected with a variation of STOP Ransomware (or as it is, sometimes, called DjVu Ransomware). It is a malicious program that belongs to the group of ransomware viruses. This virus can infect almost all modern versions of the operating systems of the Windows family, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. The malware uses a hybrid encryption mode and a long RSA key, which virtually eliminates the possibility of selecting a key for self-decrypting files. Like other similar viruses, the goal of STOP Ransomware is to force users to buy the program and key needed to decrypt files that have been encrypted. The version, that is under research today is almost identical to the previous ones, except new e-mails used for contacting malefactors and new extensions added.