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How to remove

0 is typical browser search and homepage hijacker. Usually, it affects Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It can be removed via changing browser settings, but usually there is persistent module that reverts your changes back to

How to remove UltraCoupon

UltraCoupon by WebPick Internet Holdings Ltd is browser add-on that serves ads in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It is not a virus or worm. UltraCoupon even may seem useful, from how it is advertised. However, it is classified as adware, as it displays ads, pop-ups and banners without user will.

How to remove Jungle Net

Jungle Net by Yontoo Technology Inc is obtrusive adware that injects advertising into pages you browse. It does it with help of extensions that Jungle Net installs in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Jungle Net ads may be created in multiple variations - "Ads by Jungle Net", "brought by Jungle Net" or "Powered by Jungle Net" banners and pop-ups appear randomly.

How to remove AdFreeApp

AdFreeApp is browser adware for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Upon installing it bombards user browsers with ads, pop-ups and banners that emerge randomly on different sites, and promoting content not relevant to this sites. Ad modules are signed "Ads by AdFreeApp" or "powered by AdFreeApp". This program should be present in the list of installed programs and can be removed manually.

How to remove StormWatch

StormWatch by Local Weather LLC is adware program that injects ads into the user's browsers. It affects Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. This includes inserting advertising into web pages or displaying pop-ups over parts of existing web page that would not otherwise appear. In some cases StormWatch creates extensions in your browser, but in most cases it is not. It also displays desktop alerts about the weather, that are usually unwanted.

How to remove TPerfectCoupon

TPerfectCoupon by InstalleRex-WebPick is typical browser advertising plugin. It uses chameleon technique, by changing its name from computer to computer and modifying install date. This enters users into confusion and makes it hard to remove TPerfectCoupon adware. After installing extensions into browsers, it starts generating ads, pop-ups and banners called "brought by TPerfectCoupon" or "Ads by TPerfectCoupon".