How to remove Dragon Branch


Dragon Branch by Yontoo Technology Inc is browser extension/add-on for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It was designed to gain profit from users clicks on “Dragon Branch Ads” and pop-ups that are directing to sponsored or affiliated websites. Also, Dragon Branch adware inserts extra ads in Google search results to fake Adsense ads or organic results.

How to remove Lucky Tab


Lucky Tab by Red Sky Sp. z o.o. is browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer with advertising functionality. After installing it opens promotional page every time you start your browser. It also displays ads, pop-ups on websites you visit. Ads can be named “Ads by Lucky Tab” or “Powered by Lucky Tab”.

How to remove Browse Pulse


Browse Pulse by Yontoo Technology Inc adware browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and add-on for Internet Explorer. After installation it inserts ads on your browser pages. It adds extra ads in search engine results, creates pop-ups on any website you visit. Ads say “Browse Pulse ads” or “Powered by browse pulse”. Advertising of Browse Pulse is very annoying and slows down your internet surfing.

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