How to remove Discover Treasure


Discover Treasure by Yontoo Technology Inc is adware browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. According to its terms of use Discover Treasure may show you coupons, shopping comparison, ads, pop-ups. Ads may appear in any part of browser windows. Advertisements by Discover Treasure have signatures: “Related Search by Discover Treasure”, “powered by Discover Treasure”, “brought by Discover Treasure”.

How to remove

Standard by ELEX Technology is adware and browser hijacker, that originates from China. It infects Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers. has several versions and appearances. For example:,,, and others. contains shortcuts to shopping sites, social networks and is filled with ads and pop-ups. search engine redirects your searches to, but search results may be phishing and contain links to untrusted sites.

How to remove Results Hub


Results Hub by Yontoo Technology Inc is complex browser infection. It consists of browser advertising extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and browser search hijacker. Results Hub add-on displays ads and pop-ups on different shopping sites and google search results page. Results Hub also hijacks browsers settings, and as a result, your homepage and search engine are set to

How to remove GeniusBox


GeniusBox is classified as browser adware application. Adware promises to “enhance search experience” by adding special box in Google search result page. Along with that GeniusBox generates ads on shopping websites, signed as “Ads by GeniusBox”, “powered by GeniusBox” or “brought by GeniusBox”. Also GeniusBox collects users personal information.

How to remove Speed Browser


Speed Browser by Eager Wire Apps LLC is Chrome alike browser. It spreads via bundled installations for the purpose of advertising. Speed Browser replaces Google Chrome on users desktop and installs special extensions in browsers. After this it will set as default browser for viewing sites and will open pages filled with ads and pop-ups. Speed Browser adware is a source of following advertisements: “Powered by Speed Browser”, “brought by Speed Browser” or “Ads by Speed Browser”.

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