How to remove Customer Promos

Customer Promos by Yontoo Technology Inc is advertising browser extension designed for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. After installation, Customer Promos starts creating advertisements in form of banners, pop-ups, highlighted text in browsers. Ads are signed as "Ads by Customer Promos", "Related Search by Customer Promos", "powered by Customer Promos" or just "Customer Promos ads".

How to remove System Healer

System Healer by System Healer Tech Sp. Zo.o. is rogue PC optimization utility. It scans your computer and finds several problems and errors. After this, System Healer asks to purchase it to fix this issues. Often, problems that were detected by System Healer do not exist. Along with the fact, that System Healer won't let you uninstall itself normally, constant alerts and messages become rather annoying.

How to remove High Unite

High Unite by Yontoo Technology Inc is browser adware extension that generates banner and pop-up ads in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Advertisements may appear in different parts of browser windows and can be named "Ads by High Unite", "Related Search by High Unite" or "brought by High Unite". This ad-supported program pretends to be helpful browser add-on that may display offers, discounts on shopping sites.

How to remove is browser hijacker and unwanted search engine. It infects Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. redirects user searches to and may be affiliated with this search engine. It overrides any current browser settings, such as default search engine, homepage, newtab. may also modify browser shortcuts.

How to remove is dangerous browser hijacker that can replace user-defined settings of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Usually, replaces homepage and sets up as default search engine. Main issues are: user cannot change settings back to desired, browser shortcuts are modified to open every time you start your browser. Hijacker redirects searches of the user to other untrusted search engine