How to remove BlockAndSurf


BlockAndSurf by Revizer Technologies is unwanted browser extension that injects ads in browser windows. It affects Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. After installation it will start insert ads on different websites and inside search engine results. Clicking on this ads can harm your PC, as they advertise third rate products.

How to remove BroAppVersion10


BroAppVersion10 by BrightCircle Investments Limited is malicious browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer. It is advertised as shopping assistant plugin. After installation it creates “Ads by BroAppVersion10” or “Powered by BroAppVersion10” ad banners and pop-ups in browsers.

How to remove BWSRappSev2


BWSRappSev2 by BrightCircle Investments Limited is adware browser plugin that installs in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer to inject and display advertisements. If you see “Ads by BWSRappSev2” or “Powered by BWSRappSev2” ads in your browsers this tutorial will help you to get rid of them.

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