How to remove by Beijing MSYT Technology Co is fraudulent search engine or search hijacker. It installs without user permission and replaces default search, homepage, newtab settings in major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer). In most cases there is no simple solution to revert the settings as installs active module that constantly hijacks browser settings.

How to remove Cool Browser

Cool Browser is another ad-supported browser developed on Chromium. From the first view, it looks like Google Chrome and that is its main trick. When users start seeing ads or search redirects they think they have adware installed in Chrome, when in fact, the whole browser is replaced. Cool Browser does not remove Google Chrome, but replaces its icons on the desktop and taskbar.

How to remove BrowserAir

BrowserAir is unwanted application that sneaks into your computer secretly. It is adware based on Chromium-built browser. BrowserAir creates toolbar on your desktop and replaces Google Chrome browser and all its shortcuts. This toolbar contains search box (that uses search engine), quick access shortcuts, radio plugin etc. BrowserAir will display ads and pop-ups if you use it for viewing web pages.

How to remove Catered to You

Catered to You by Yontoo Technology Inc is deceptive application and browser add-on that promises to enhance your browsing experience. On their website Catered to You states that program will display best prices deals, discounts on goods users search online.

How to remove Treasure Track

Treasure Track is adware application. It will display ads, pop-ups, banners, coupons, discounts on shopping sites whether you want it or not. Treasure Track does it with help of browser extensions that it installs in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Advertisements appear on the side or bottom of browser window and are signed like "Related Search by Treasure Track", "brought by Treasure Track", "Powered by Treasure Track" or just "Ads by Treasure Track".