How to remove Wander Burst

Wander Burst by Yontoo Technology Inc is yet another adware for browsers. It affects Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Its malicious activity: tracking user search habits, generating ads, pop-ups banners, browser redirects.

How to remove Get Private

Get Private VPN by is virtual private network client. It can protect your internet connection, protect your identity. However, in some cases it installs adware extensions "Ads by Get Private 1.0" or "GetPrivate Shopper". This extensions track your activity and display ads, pop-ups and banners.

How to remove ArcadeTwist

ArcadeTwist by is gaming software that can also generate advertisements in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Initially, it is a desktop application for downloading playing games available on However, after installation it may inject video ads, pop-ups, in-search ads in browsers. ArcadeTwist sometimes installs co-named extensions.

How to remove Thirteen Degrees

Thirteen Degrees by Yontoo Technology Inc is adware extension for browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer). It is promoted as helpful add-on. However, Thirteen Degrees can put your computer at risk. It creates and displays a lot of ads, tracks users online activity to use this information for advertising purposes.

How to remove Filter Results

Filter Results by Yontoo Technology Inc is advertising browser plugin that infects Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. After installation in starts injecting ads into webpages. This ads can be of different forms and types. Filter Results can show pop-ups on shopping sites, underlined words, static banners etc. All those ads can be separated from usual ads, as they are signed as "Ads by Filter Results" or "brought by Filter Results".