How to remove Dharma-ETH Ransomware and decrypt .ETH files


Dharma-ETH Ransomware is new generation of high-risk Crysis-Dharma-Cezar ransomware family, particularly, its Dharma variation. It was named after the extension it appends to encrypted files: .ETH. In fact, virus adds complex suffix, that consists of several parts: e-mail address, unique 8-digit identification number (completely random) and .ETH extension. In the end, affected files get complex suffix, that looks like this – .id-{8-digit-id}.[{email-address}].ETH. Ransom notes do not contain information about the amount users need to pay to return the files. There is also no information about encryption algorithms it uses. However, from the experience of previous infections of this type, we can say it, probably, uses AES or RSA-2048 encryption and will try to rip you off on a sum from $500 to $1500, that have to be paid in Monero, Dash or BTC (BitCoins).

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