How to remove Jamper (Jumper) Ransomware and decrypt .jamper, .jumper or .SONIC files


Jamper Ransomware is a nasty file-encryption virus, that uses AES algorithm to encrypt your files and extorts a ransom of 1 to 3 BTC (Bitcoins). This malware is the successor of VegaLocker (Vega Ransomware) and predecessor of Buran Ransomware. Jamper Ransomware, depending on the version, may add .jamper, .jumper or .SONIC extensions to files it affects. After ransomware activity, your files become inaccessible and unreadable. Malware creates ransom note file called —README—.TXT after it finishes. Jamper Ransomware removes shadow copies of files (VSS), disables recovery features of Windows, which makes it difficult to recover encrypted files.

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