How to remove Dharma-AUDIT Ransomware and decrypt .AUDIT files


AUDIT Ransomware is yet another version of notorious ransomware virus from Crysis-Dharma-Cezar family. Now it adds .AUDIT extension to encrypted files (please, do not confuse with Nessus Pro’s report files). This variation of ransomware currently doesn’t have decryptor, however, we recommend you to try instructions below to recover affected files. Dharma-AUDIT Ransomware appends suffix, that consists of several parts, such as: unique user’s id, developer’s e-mail address and, finally, .AUDIT suffix, from which it got its name. The pattern of filename modification looks like this: file called 1.doc will be converted to{8-digit-id}.[{email-address}].AUDIT. According to our information, hackers demand $10000 ransom from the victims. Bad news are, that using cryptocurrency and TOR-hosted payment websites makes it almost impossible to track the payee. Besides, victims of such viruses often get scammed, and malefactors don’t send any keys even after paying the ransom. Unfortunately, manual or automatic decryption is impossible unless ransomware was developed with mistakes or has certain execution errors, flaws or vulnerabilities. We do not recommend to pay any money to malefactors. However, good news are, that often, after some period of time security specialists from antivirus companies or individual researchers decode the algorithms and release decryption keys or police finds servers and unveils the master keys.

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