How to remove pop-ups

Standard is another domain, used for social engineering attack. The main purpose of its developers is to create push-notifications Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Mozilla Firefox, and display ads and pop-ups in those browsers. Malware can also perform redirects to advertising pages. is one of the thousands temporarily used websites. Users, grant access to show push notifications for occasionally. Website, encourages people to click Allow button, using vague wording and false information.

How to remove pop-ups

Standard is website, that displays ads, pop-ups in browsers, and push notifications on the desktop (bottom-right corner). Since Google implemented push-notifications for its Chrome browser, Microsoft and Mozilla did the same for Internet Explorer, Edge and Firefox, respectively, malefactors started to use this function for personal gain. will be used temporary, until this domain will be added to antivirus databases and browser’s block lists. Then, developers will switch to another randomly named site. Main goal is to make users allow notifications from advertising website, like they allow notifications from news websites, social networks and numerous online services. It a usual thing, when users lose their vigilance and unconsciously or inadvertently grant opportunity to show push-notifications.

How to remove

Standard is domain used for hosting advertising content, ads and push notification serving, pop-ups display and redirects in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Presence of ads on browsers can mean, that your computer is infected with adware, or that you’ve visited malicious website. may redirect to sites with adult content, gambling sites and online casinos, phishing bank pages, shopping sites, third-party news portals.

How to remove (

Standard is domain, that belongs to – legitimate online cloud hosting service. According to our research, promblems with ads, pop-ups and redirects related to come from Kodi Player. Kodi Player is multi-platform media player with access to huge database of movies, music, pictures and TV and radio streaming services. This player uses resources and in exchange for free 4 hours streaming redirects users browsers to (or In pursuit of profit, and wanting to “squeeze all the juice” on ads revenue generates numerous ads, pop-ups and redirects during one session. The quality of these advertisements also poor and sometimes is on the verge of outright scam and fraud.

How to remove YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN BLOCKED pop-up scam


“YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN BLOCKED” is fake pop-ups alert or message, that may appear in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge or Internet Explorer. It is categorized as Tech support scam, as in many cases it compels or provokes users to dial some “toll free” number. Virus can imitate virus infection or Windows error directly in browser. On the other end of the line you will hear an experienced Indian fraudster, who will introduce himeself as “technical support specialist”, who will encourage you to pay cetain fee to fix problems with your computer, that did not ever existed. “YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN BLOCKED” pop-up has many variations of design, texts and reasons of its appearance can also be different. In some cases, such alerts may offer some rubbish “windows optimization” software for download.

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