How to remove (Windows and Mac)

Standard and SearchPage Tab is are, respectively, dubiuos search engine and browser add-on, that modifies search engine and homepage settings in Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other browsers. It is also responsible for display of ads, pop-ups and notifications from This hijacker was developed by Iron Mountain Technology Limited, with headquaters situated in Hong Kong, as it is stated on their website. The site has a purely advertising purposes, having no value to the end user. Search requests typed in search box on the main page are redirected to

How to remove (Mac)

Standard is third-party search engine, that installs in Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers on Mac OS. It comes along with extension called Bravogol, that modifies browser settings, such as homepage, default search engine and new tab. Add-on also doesn’t allow users to revert the changes back. When users types queries in, browser is redirected to After removal of Bravogol from browser, settings remain unchanged. Authors of this hijacker offer removal tool for called Uninstall.dmg on their website, that will, probably, reset the settings. However, we do not recommend downloading additional software from developers of adware and hijackers developers.

How to remove Your Template Finder Toolbar (Windows and Mac)


Your Template Finder Toolbar is misleading browser add-on for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. It was developed by IAC Applications a.k.a. MindSpark Interactive Network, well-know developer of adware applications and hijacking toolbars. YourTemplateFinder, according to the developers, provides access to design templates for your business, such as PowerPoint templates, website, e-mail and logo templates, business planners and calendars. Along with that, you get toolbar with search box and quick access links to weather and social widgets. Search engine and homepage settings in your browsers are compromised and modified to

How to remove QuickPDFMerger Toolbar (Windows and Mac)


QuickPDFMerger Toolbar or Quick PDF Merger New Tab is annoying browser hijacker, that infects Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer on Windows or MacOS. Extension was developed by IAC Applications a.k.a. MindSpark Interactive Network – notorious vendor of toolbars and adware platforms. QuickPDFMerger is add-on, that helps users perform various actions with PDF files, for example, combine several files into one, convert such files into other formats, create slideshows and share files on multiple platforms using different tools. Unfortunately, along with aforementioned features QuickPDFMerger Toolbar does certain modifications with browser settings. It replaces homepage to and redirects user’s search queries to, that, presumably, is enhanced and powered by Google, however, provides search results stuffed with sponsored links and excessive advertising.

How to remove MacOSDefender


MacOSDefender or is malicious application for MacOS, that takes over search and homepage settings in Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. While searching for something, users can see multiple redirects, for example: -> -> -> Some of this web addresses figured in our previous articles, from what we can make a conclusion, that those hijackers have similar roots and, probably, one team of developers.

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