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Windows Errors

Troubleshooting tutorials on various types of system errors, application errors, caused by virus infection, registry corruption or any other type of malfunction in Windows operating systems.

How to fix Windows Defender error 577 in Windows 10

Although there are various alternatives that outrace the in-built antivirus designed by Microsoft, Windows Defender still remains as one of the favorites around many users because it comes along Windows installation and requires no fee to start being protected right off the bat. Recently, however, people started seeing a warning that Windows Defender is disabled and does not implement any protection. Some people tried to go in Services and launch Windows Defender Antivirus Service or Network Inspection Service. After attempting to do so, users receive error 577 saying that Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the file. If this is exactly your case, we will share some other methods to solve the issue down below.

How to fix 0x8007007e printer error

0x8007007e printer error has been the prime issue touching Windows 10 users since 2019. It prevents people from printing documents and other stuff saying that the printer ran into a problem and cannot finish the job. In fact, this problem represents a big difficulty for many people who got used to printing piles of paper for whatever purpose. There are many reasons that might be the culprit of 0x8007007e error, such as the wrong configuration of printing software, malware, bugged updates, and other options. We have managed to find and test out the most efficient ways to combat this issue and get your printer back to a normal state.

How to fix Windows Update error 0xc1900209

Most Windows problems are usually addressed to update-related topics. Sometimes it may be frustrating to be unable to keep your system always updated due to reasons you are not aware of. 0xc1900209 error was determined to popup because of incompatible software that might have been installed or run into a problem, recently. Besides that, there is a set of generic methods proven to be effective in solving such errors. Before trying to solve the major culprit, we recommend you apply the first 2 methods and do not skip over to next until done. Scroll down to see detailed instructions on how to pull off the resolution for the 0xc1900209 error.

How to fix Windows 10 stuck at Choose your keyboard layout screen

Sometimes, when upgrading to Windows 10 from previous versions users may face quite a bizarre situation - inability to choose a keyboard layout at the last steps of the installation. As a result, Windows cannot finish the set-up and results in a system reboot. Also, this problem may pop-up after installing a special KB4074588 patch that broke USB devices. Whilst this error can be related to driver issues, USB device malfunctions, and update problems, we will help you get rid of this snag in the article below.

How to remove Yaoffer50160.exe (uBar)

Yaoffer50160.exe is a trojan-based file that infects users with adware. There are some indications, that this file is related to an unwanted advertising app called uBar. Trojans are a type of virus that executes so-called chain infiltrations. The range of malware may vary from innocent adware to more dangerous ransomware that encrypts users' data forever. Often times, trojans may require interaction from remote servers that are hacked by frauds to fulfill its purpose. Thus, most developers abuse poor connections and RDP configuration to take control of the PC and inflict it with trojans. When it comes to adware, it alters some settings to push unwanted advertisements on the desktop. There are also cases when after removal of the file users see an error message on startup, like "Windows cannot find Yaoffer50160.exe".

How to fix DNS server isnt responding error in Windows 10

Since the release of Windows 10, users have been struggling with multiple issues being popped-up along with the usage. One of the most annoying issues that boggle users is DNS server isn't responding error. The "DNS server isn't responding" message is inherently related to network issues since The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical and decentralized naming system for computers, services, or other resources connected to the Internet or a private network. To simplify, DNS is meant to translate IP-addresses to hostnames so that we could easily surf the browser. To illustrate, without the DNS feature we would be forced to type instead of simply Thus, it plays a significant role in alleviating the browsing experience. Unfortunately, sometimes you can see the "DNS server isn't responding" error that hinders you from entering a specific website. This may be seen due to router issues and other inner connection settings. To fix this problem, follow the steps that are mentioned below.