Remove adware and stop ads, banners, coupons appearing in your browsers. Download quality antimalware tools.

How to remove (QIP Surf) is potentially unwanted third-party russian search engine and news website, powered by It infects user's computers along with QIP Surf browser, built on Chromium platform. It installs without user's permission and replaces default browser. is also spread separately in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer and replaces default search and homepage in this browsers.

How to remove MacPerformance

MacPerformance is malicious application for MacOS, that belongs to OSX Pirrit adware family. It controls settings of Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox to create redirects and display ads and pop-ups. It infiltrates Mac computers invisibly or by fraud and starts to generate advertisements, showing phishing pages, encouraging users to download potentially unwanted applications. Sometimes MacPerformance is offered to be installed in a bundle with good applications, and users, confused by the name of the program, think that this is optimisation software for MacOS, and allow installation.

How to remove (Windows and Mac) and SearchPage Tab is are, respectively, dubiuos search engine and browser add-on, that modifies search engine and homepage settings in Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other browsers. It is also responsible for display of ads, pop-ups and notifications from This hijacker was developed by Iron Mountain Technology Limited, with headquaters situated in Hong Kong, as it is stated on their website. The site has a purely advertising purposes, having no value to the end user. Search requests typed in search box on the main page are redirected to

How to remove (v1, v2, etc) is hazardous site, that displays ads, pop-ups and notifications in Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Edge. If you see advertisements from while browsing certain sites, it means those sites use bad-quality advertising or they are hacked. This can be fixed by installing ad-blocking software, like AdGuard (see description below). If you see notifications from, it means website is allowed to show them in browser settings. In this situation, you need to check your PC for viruses and follow instructions below.

How to remove is bogus domain, registered and exploited by adware developers. Malefactors are using browser notification feature to bombard user's desktops with tons of purposeless push-notifications, show pop-ups and create endless redirections. It is similar to previously descibed pop-ups websites. Hackers use hundreds of such domains and actively distribute them. This type of adware appeared recently, as a new type of social engeneering attack, using push-notifications to deliver nasty ads via legal channel directly to user's desktops.