How to remove Ads X (Windows and Mac)


If you see “Ads X” ads in Google Search, there is high possibility, that your PC is infected with adware. These ads resemble native Google ads, however they belong to doubtful advertising networks. Usually, such ads, pop-ups and banners are generated by SearchAwesome (in Windows), MacPerformance, MacVX (in MacOS) extensions, however, advertising add-on can be named differently. Extensions can be installed in Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and sometimes in Internet Explorer, Opera and Edge browsers. Links in such ads often lead to potentially unwanted downloads, malicious pages and doubtful online services. We do not recommend you to click on such advertisements, for your safety, privacy and PC security.

How to remove

Standard (v1, v2, etc) is counterfeit domain, that is used by scammers for advertising purposes. This website hosts and displays landing pages, that are shown via pop-ups, ads and browser notifications in Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. As a rule, users see redirects to while visiting questionable websites with gambling or adult content. In this case, they can be blocked by special software like AdGuard (see instructions below). However, often, these ads can be caused by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs), adware, trojans installed in your system. If you experience on a regular basis – this is your case.

How to remove (QIP Surf)

Standard is potentially unwanted third-party russian search engine and news website, powered by It infects user’s computers along with QIP Surf browser, built on Chromium platform. It installs without user’s permission and replaces default browser. is also spread separately in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer and replaces default search and homepage in this browsers.

How to remove MacPerformance


MacPerformance is malicious application for MacOS, that belongs to OSX Pirrit adware family. It controls settings of Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox to create redirects and display ads and pop-ups. It infiltrates Mac computers invisibly or by fraud and starts to generate advertisements, showing phishing pages, encouraging users to download potentially unwanted applications. Sometimes MacPerformance is offered to be installed in a bundle with good applications, and users, confused by the name of the program, think that this is optimisation software for MacOS, and allow installation.

How to remove (Windows and Mac)

Standard and SearchPage Tab is are, respectively, dubiuos search engine and browser add-on, that modifies search engine and homepage settings in Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other browsers. It is also responsible for display of ads, pop-ups and notifications from This hijacker was developed by Iron Mountain Technology Limited, with headquaters situated in Hong Kong, as it is stated on their website. The site has a purely advertising purposes, having no value to the end user. Search requests typed in search box on the main page are redirected to

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