What is the DistributedCOM Event ID 10016 Error?

The Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) is a protocol that allows software components to communicate over a network. The Event ID 10016 error occurs when an application lacks the necessary permissions to launch a DCOM server with the CLSID (Class ID) and APPID (Application ID) specified in the error message. This permission mismatch often leads to the error being logged, highlighting a configuration issue within the Component Services of Windows. DistributedCOM Event ID 10016 error is a common issue that Windows 11 users may encounter. This error is logged in the Event Viewer and indicates that a specific application does not have the required permissions to run a COM Server application. Although it rarely causes immediate performance issues, it can lead to system instability and security vulnerabilities if left unaddressed. This article provides a comprehensive guide to understanding and resolving the DistributedCOM Event ID 10016 error on Windows 11.

DistributedCOM Event ID 10016 error

Why It Appears

The DistributedCOM Event ID 10016 error can be triggered by several factors:

  1. Incorrect Permissions: The most common cause is that the DCOM configurations restrict the necessary access permissions for certain applications.
  2. System Updates: Sometimes, system updates can alter permissions settings, leading to potential mismatches.
  3. Software Installation: Installing or uninstalling software may inadvertently modify DCOM permissions.

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Steps to Fix DistributedCOM Event ID 10016 Error

Step 1: Open Component Services

  1. Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog.
  2. Type dcomcnfg and press Enter to open the Component Services window.

Step 2: Locate the Problematic DCOM Application

  1. In Component Services, navigate to Component Services > Computers > My Computer > DCOM Config.
  2. Find the application mentioned in the Event ID 10016 error log. The CLSID and APPID in the error details will help you identify the correct application.

Step 3: Modify Permissions

  1. Right-click the problematic application and select Properties.
  2. Go to the Security tab.
  3. In the Launch and Activation Permissions section, click Edit to modify the permissions.
  4. Add the account that needs access (often the SYSTEM or a specific user account), and then assign the necessary permissions (Local Launch, Local Activation).

Step 4: Apply Changes and Restart

  1. Click OK to apply the changes.
  2. Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Additional Steps

If the error persists, consider the following additional steps:

  • Update Windows: Ensure your system is up to date with the latest Windows updates.
  • Check for Malware: Run a full system scan to rule out the possibility of malware affecting system permissions.
  • Review Application Logs: Additional details in the Application Logs may provide further insights into the cause of the error.

If you tried all the aforementioned solutions but nothing has worked out up until this moment, then the reason for the DistributedCOM Event ID 10016 error could lurk in malware. Malicious or unwanted programs are known to cause various damage or configuration clutter inside the system. This is why it is worth running a thorough scan to make sure it is not the actual case. You can use the default Windows Defender or try to install a more advanced antivirus developed by Malwarebytes – a trusted and talented group of experts constantly updating their software to fight off both local and global threats. You can download it now using the link below and get a 14-day trial of the ultimate antimalware experience completely for free. It is available for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and 7.

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The DistributedCOM Event ID 10016 error on Windows 11 can be frustrating, but it’s usually fixable with the correct permissions adjustments. By following the steps outlined in this guide, users can resolve the permissions mismatch and ensure their system runs smoothly without this error. Always make sure to proceed with caution when adjusting permissions and consider creating a system restore point before making significant changes.

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