With the latest Windows 1903 KB4517211 Update users started facing the Ss3svc32.exe issue that pops up on startup. It appears as a permission tab with the following message Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device? Therefore, most users get perplexed seeing this message and have already spread a rumor that it is a virus trying to attack their computers. However, this is not a virus at all!

ss3svc32.exe message on startup

What is Ss3svc32.exe

Ss3svc32.exe is part of Sonic Studio 3 developed by Asus ROG that is usually built-in computers that have Asus motherboards or other pieces. It can be installed alongside other driver packages like Realtech HD audio driver which is meant to implement the audio function. In fact, it does not impact users’ PC in any way, but most people get pissed off when seeing this annoying message every time they boot their computers. Thus, we have gathered a couple of methods that can potentially help you get rid of this obtrusive message. You can find them listed down below.

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Some users can stumble upon errors with similar names due to malicious software especially if you are not an Asus user. You should then take corresponding actions by scanning your device for malware. We would recommend using the IObit Uninstaller program that is very accurate in detecting and neutralizing the error-related problems.

How to fix Ss3svc32.exe

Solution 1: Uninstall Sonic Studio

If you do not need the functionality of Sonic Studio, then you can safely remove it from your computer. Uninstallation will automatically delete all of the files related to this program hence the popping up message will disappear itself. Do not worry, you will not suffer any sound loss as a result.

  1. Right-click on the Start button.
  2. Then select Apps&Features.
  3. Find the Sonic Studio 3 software and click Uninstall.

Solution 2: Set Sonic Studio to administrator properties

If you do not want to delete Sonic Studio and lose its functionality then this method might be for you.

ss3svc32.exe properties

  1. Press Windows key + R and type: C:\Program Files\ASUSTeKcomputer.Inc\Sonic Suite 3\Foundation\.
  2. Find Ss3svc32.exe file in the folder.
  3. Right-click on the file and choose Properties.
  4. Select the Compatibility tab.
  5. Click on Change settings for all users.
  6. Select Run this program as administrator.
  7. Click Apply and then OK.

Solution 3: Change filename

You can also workaround Ss3svc32.exe error by changing the file name manually.

  1. Press Windows key + R and type: C:\Program Files\ASUSTeKcomputer.Inc\Sonic Suite 3\Foundation\.
  2. Find Ss3svc32.exe file in the folder.
  3. Right-click on it and choose Rename.
  4. Add any character or symbol and press Enter.

Solution 4: Fix the problem via Task Scheduler

If none of the previous methods worked out then you can try and go nuclear. This is a more intricate method that involves some Task Scheduler manipulations. You can do this by following the steps below.

  1. Type taskschd.msc in the searching tab next to the Start Menu button and press Enter (If prompted by UAC, click on Yes).
  2. In the left panel of Task Scheduler, click on the Task Scheduler Library folder, then click on New Folder… in the far right panel.
  3. Type SS3svc32.exe the new task folder to make finding the task easier, then click on OK.
  4. On the left panel of Task Scheduler, click on the SS3svc32.exe folder, and click on Create Task… in the far right panel.
  5. Under the General tab, type in SS3svc32.exe. And enable Run with highest privileges option.
  6. After that go to the Triggers tab and click the New button.
  7. In the Begin the task drop-down menu list, select At startup. Next, make sure that Enabled in the bottom is checked, and click on OK.
  8. Go to the Triggers tab again, and click on the New button.
  9. In the Begin the task drop-down menu list, select At log on. Next, make sure that Enabled is checked, and click on OK.
  10. Go to the Actions tab and click the New button.
  11. In the Action drop-down menu list, select Start a program, then click on the Browse button and select the program’s .exe file.
  12. Copy and paste: /start SonicStudioSystray /silent to Add arguments (optional) box, and click OK.

You have successfully finished this monotonous procedure. SS3svc32.exe pop up is a minor error that can be solved by executing the simple first 3 steps so you might have already rectified the problem before even getting down here.

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