What is STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR (0xc0000006 error)

Also known as STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR, 0xc0000006 error appears when trying to execute a third-party software. Those who stumble upon the problem, face a message like “The application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000006. Click OK to close the application”. This may restrict you from accessing games, tools, and other software downloaded from the web. The reason for this issue may be related to corrupted system files, software incompatibility, and registry issues based on the AppInst_DLLs key. Tolerating such a disturbing problem downgrades PC performance preventing people from fully-fledged experience. Thus, we will help you get rid of it with a step-by-step guide down below.

STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR (0xc0000006 error)

Download Windows Repair Tool

Download Windows Repair Tool

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There are special repair utilities for Windows, that can solve problems related to registry corruption, file system malfunction, Windows drivers instability. We recommend you to use Advanced System Repair Pro to fix “STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR (0xc0000006)” error in Windows 10.

1. Run Clean Windows Bootup

The most efficient and easiest step to rectify 0xc0000006 error is changing bootup settings to loading only system services. This will ensure that all nonnative software is disabled helping you to figure out whether there is a problem. Here are the steps to perform clean bootup:

  1. Press the Windows + R combination.
  2. Enter msconfig in the dialog window and click OK to open the startup settings.
  3. Choose the Selective startup option below.
  4. Uncheck the Load startup items option.
  5. Select only Load system services and Use original boot configuration checkboxes.
  6. Then, navigate to Services and set a checkbox for Hide all Microsoft services.
  7. Now, click Disable all. This will remove all third-parties services from the startup list.
  8. Finally, hit the Apply button, press OK to exit, and click Restart the system asked in the appeared window.

Try to launch the problematic program and see whether something has changed. If you finally managed to eliminate the araised problem using this method, you should find and delete the conflicting software that restricts interaction with other programs.

2. Uninstall a recently downloaded program

If you have an anti-malware piece installed on your PC and enabled at startup, there could be a problem with it. Protection software can block you from opening software downloaded from the web. This is quite common when anti-malware programs mistake legitimate software as something malicious. Try to switch off your antivirus for the time being. If this works, you should delete it and find a better alternative to it. In addition to this, we recommend you to run a scan for unwanted or malicious software. Such programs can affect inner settings and ruin vital systems mechanisms. If you started facing 0xc0000006 error recently after downloading some application, try to remove it and see if it seals the problem.

3. Run a System File Checker (SFC) scan

There is a chance that your system lacks important files responsible for software performance. Therefore, we will start a Windows instrument to find it out:

  1. Open Command Prompt by typing cmd into the searching box next to the Start Menu button.
  2. Right-click on Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator.
  3. Once the console is opened, type the sfc /scannow command and click Enter.
  4. When the fixing process is done, restart your computer.

4. Clear up Windows components

You can also give a go for clearing Windows components. Overloaded libraries can lead to the instability of different services. Therefore, maybe this is exactly what causes STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR. We will show how to run the StartComponentCleanup option via both Task Manager or DISM.

By using Task Manager

  1. Press Windows + R combination to open run prompt, then paste taskschd.msc and click OK.
  2. On the left pane, navigate to Library\Microsoft\Windows\Servicing\.
  3. Once done, right-click on StartComponentCleanup and choose Run.
  4. Wait till the process is finished, restart your computer, and try to install the conflicting update once again.

By using DISM

This method does exactly the same purpose, so you can choose any of them.

  1. Open Command Prompt as we already did before.
  2. Now paste this command dism /online /cleanup-image /startcomponentcleanup and hit Enter.
  3. Once completed, restart your PC and check if the error persists.

5. Edit the Applnit_DLL registry key

Some users reported that STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR can pop up due to malfunctions with the Applnit_DLL key located in the registry. Originally, it is meant to record app crashes and freezes of the system. If Applnit_DLL remains damaged, it will not let some applications to work. Hence, we will attempt to edit this value instructions below.

  1. At first, press Windows + R combination as we did above.
  2. Enter regedit and click OK.
  3. In the opened window, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows.
  4. Find and double-click Applnit_DLL on the right panel.
  5. Completely remove the number in the Value data, and click OK.
  6. Close the window and reboot your system.


These are the most popular and approved ways to resolve STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR (0xc0000006 error). The last, but the extreme measure can be reinstalling Windows completely to have a clean and mild system. Make sure you try all of the steps listed above before opting for such a move.

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