What is “Unable to verify update” error

Unable to verify update. iOS [version] failed verification because you are no longer connected to the internet. is exactly the error some users may receive while trying to install the latest update on their device – most often ranging from iOS 14 to 16. This happens when iPhone cannot establish the proper server connection to retrieve information for update verification. Usually, the most common reason why it occurs is because of unstable or absent internet connection. Sometimes the reason can also be insufficient storage space that has to be freed to let the update install. In case retrying the update does not resolve the issue and continues running into the same message, you can turn down to our guidelines below and fix the problem together with us!

If your device is stuck verifying the update and does not move further, skip over to these steps and get it back working.

unable to verify update error

Download Repair Tool

Sometimes resolving the errors is out of our control and possibilities. This is where third-party tools are more than welcome to contribute and carry all the difficulties away. If you are facing error 11 or similar issues, but fail to benefit from any of the manual steps below, try using Tenorshare ReiBoot – a great recovery tool designed for resolving errors like that. Get to know how one can use it to address the errors and restore or update an iOS device successfully on their website.

Download iOS Repair Tool
  1. Download and install ReiBoot for either Mac or Windows.
  2. Once done, open the app and plug your device into the computer.
  3. The program should recognize your device and offer a couple of options.
  4. Choose Standard if you simply want to update your device or Deep repair if you want to fully restore it.
  5. Then, download the firmware found by the app for your smartphone by clicking Download.
  6. Once the process is finished, click Repair now to start resolving the problems.
  7. Standard is meant to search for basic issues and bugs to address them without wiping out your data.

    Deep repair will reset your device to factory settings and delete the entire data stored on it.

  8. Wait until the app finishes its repair and restores your device. It will take about 15 minutes to end.

If your device is stuck on the Apple logo and does not want to move any further, skip over to these steps and get to the original sequence of methods after reviving your device.

1. Check if this is Apple’s problem or not

The first and easiest thing we recommend you do is to check whether it’s yours or actually Apple’s problem for update difficulties. It could be their servers temporarily having issues with sending or receiving requests. You can easily check it by going to this official page. If nothing is wrong with the servers, then it is likely to be locally your issue. Get further below to try and resolve it.

2. Restart your router or Try another network

Try to restart your router. It could be that there is a glitch in your internet connection, preventing server communication to verify the update. We can therefore reboot your router and see if this helps. Press and hold the power button on the back of it and wait a bit until it shuts down. Then, press the same power button to turn it back on. If this does not help, you can also try and connect your iPhone to some other Wi-Fi network. You can maybe go to your friend and ask him to use his network so that you could perform an iPhone update successfully.

3. Make sure VPN/Proxy is Disabled

It is also important that no VPN or Proxy connection is used while updating your device. Having such features enabled may lead to connection problems and hinder your update from getting installed. We advise you turn them off at the time of updating. If there are no VPN or Proxy connection in working, you can simply skip what we wrote here.

4. Reset Network Settings

Another thing advised by various guides is to roll network settings back to its defaults. This will simply log you out of your Wi-Fi connection and make you do it again. Yes, sometimes this method may sort out the problem, so make sure you try it as well. Also, a good idea would be to double-check if you remember your password – to not have any hiccups reconnecting back.

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings.
  2. Then, navigate to General > Reset and click on Reset Network Settings. Confirm the action by clicking again.

You can now connect to your Wi-Fi network again and check whether this leads the update to success.

5. Delete and Install the update again

There is a chance that the update you are trying to install was download incorrectly and is therefore glitched. A solution is to delete and download it again from scratch. Use these steps to take it fast and simple:

  1. Navigate to Settings > General and open iPhone Storage.
  2. Find the update you downloaded and tap on it. Then click Delete Update.
  3. After this, you should navigate back to Settings > General and go to Software Update. Now you can download the update again and hopefully install it.

6. Update using iTunes

This is an emergency method if no solution from the above managed to help. iPhone’ users have an option to update their device through iTunes. This can be done on both Windows and macOS systems. Note that you will need a wire from your charger to connect to your PC or Mac. For Windows, you will have to download-install iTunes from Microsoft Store (if you have not done it yet). Once ready, simply do the following:

  1. Connect your device to Mac or Windows. On Mac, simply go to Finder and choose your device there. On Windows, open iTunes and do it there as well.
  2. Then, go to General or Summary and click Check for Update.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the update.

7. If your device is stuck on verifying the update

This method is about what you should if your iPhone got stuck on the verification process and does not give any signs of finishing it. We have attached instructions for what buttons are to be pressed on various iPhone (and iPad) models.

iPhone 8 or later:

  1. Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
  2. Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
  3. Press and hold the Side button (which you use to unlock your screen) until you see the Apple logo.

iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPod touch (7th generation):

  1. Press and hold the Side (or Top) button and the Volume Down button together at the same time.
  2. Likewise, in the previous steps, the Apple logo should appear on the screen.

iPad models with a Home button, iPhone 6s or earlier, and iPod touch (6th generation) or earlier:

  1. Press and hold both the Side (or Top) button and the Home button until you see the same Apple logo as it was above.

iPad models without a Home button:

  1. Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
  2. Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
  3. Then press-hold the Power button and wait until the iPad restarts.


The “Unable to verify update” error should be easy to solve, and we hope it was at the end of the day. If there is anything else you need a hand of help with, feel free to use our website for searching other articles related to other topics (errors, malware, etc.).

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