What is stubborn app

Some apps installed on Mac can be extremely annoying and piss off many users that struggle to delete them. This is especially popular with low-reputation products that try to stick around systems as long as possible. Rather than developing their own quality, they focus on making their apps non-deletable to force inexperienced people to continue the usage. Oftentimes, manual uninstallation of such apps can leave lots of residual files that will accumulate over time, loading up system resources. If you consider yourself part of this category, we will help you unchain your Mac from persistent software that mulishly hangs inside your system.

1. Delete stubborn software manually

Most apps are easily removable via standard procedure provided by Mac. That is simply dragging and deleting unnecessary applications from the Trash bin. If this does not work, you have to dig a little bit deeper and get rid of some sticky folders that restrict manual removal. Here are the instructions to get it done:

  1. Click Finder in dock above and choose Go.
  2. Once the drop-down menu pops up, hold the Option key ().
  3. You will now see the Library option right between the Computer and Home options.
  4. After this, you should go into the Preferences folder and delete the file correlated with the stubborn program.
  5. Finally, you can go and implement the standard process by dragging a program from Applications and emptying the Trash.

Oftentimes, users get confused and may risk deleting files related to other programs installed on your Mac. In this situation, the best-case scenario would be running special utilities to find the culprit and delete problematic files. This can be easily done in the section below.

1. CleanMyMac

Advanced algorithms of CleanMyMac developed by MacPaw will detect and neutralize stubborn software that breathes your Mac down in the neck. It offers clean and fast uninstallation of apps, including all of their associated files. Also, it has a well-rounded list of useful features, ensuring your Mac is clean and safe against contemporary threats. If you do not want to overload your mind with a monotonously rehearsed process – CleanMyMac is a perfect solution to make your life way easier than you may think.

Download CleanMyMac
  1. Download and install it via the link above.
  2. Open it and choose Uninstaller under the Applications section.
  3. Choose All Applications.
  4. Now, you can check the boxes next to the app you want to remove from the list.

2. Combo Cleaner

Another decent utility, alleviating your life significantly. Combo Cleaner provides exactly the same feature as Combo Cleaner X. In fact, there is no substantial difference between the effectiveness of these apps. Whatever you choose, you will be able to uninstall unwanted applications fast and successfully. Some options of Combo Cleaner are free-to-use, except App Uninstaller. For this, you will have to purchase the Premium version that costs about $50 for 6 months. Here is the button that will drop you over the download link.

Download Combo Cleaner
  1. Install and open Combo Cleaner.
  2. On the left sidebar, choose Uninstaller.
  3. Select applications you want to delete from the generated list and click Remove Selected Items (You will also see the related files under the selected application).


Most inexperienced users cannot connect the dots and delete stubborn apps on their own. Whether you are using Mac or Windows, unwanted software has affected both to the same extent. They get stuck inside multiple folders and do not want to leave the ship until third-parties utilities get involved in the action. Hopefully, your Mac feels freer without leftovers and other trash that consumes your OS resources.

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