What is Yaoffer50160.exe

Yaoffer50160.exe is a trojan-based file that infects users with adware. There are some indications, that this file is related to an unwanted advertising app called uBar. Trojans are a type of virus that executes so-called chain infiltrations. The range of malware may vary from innocent adware to more dangerous ransomware that encrypts users’ data forever. Often times, trojans may require interaction from remote servers that are hacked by frauds to fulfill its purpose. Thus, most developers abuse poor connections and RDP configuration to take control of the PC and inflict it with trojans. When it comes to adware, it alters some settings to push unwanted advertisements on the desktop. There are also cases when after removal of the file users see an error message on startup, like “Windows cannot find Yaoffer50160.exe”. At first glance, they may look appealing and useful, however, remember that these ads can contain malicious redirects that are meant to grind down your PC even further. If your computer started acting weird, you should opt for our tutorial which is attached in the article below.

Yaoffer50160.exe (uBar)

How Yaoffer50160.exe infected your computer

Usually, trojans are distributed via social engineering tricks. For example, users are often duped into opening e-mail messages and downloading attached files disguised to appear not suspicious. As a result, people inadvertently get infected with different malware including trojans. Another popular way of spreading trojans is via fake activation tools. Initially, cracking tools are designed to bypass licensed software. Nonetheless, most cybercriminals bundle trojans into fake tools that are hosted on either hacked or malicious websites. It is also worth mentioning that adware is spread via infected repacks and other installation kits. Most users strive toward the end of the setup, therefore, missing all of the steps. Most important are “Advanced “and “Custom” options which often include unwanted applications. If you got attacked by Yaoffer50160.exe, you should remove it immediately by following the step-by-step instruction below.

Download Yaoffer50160.exe Removal Tool

Download Removal Tool

compatible with microsoft

To remove Yaoffer50160.exe from Windows completely, we recommend you to use Norton Antivirus from Symantec. It detects and removes all files, folders and registry keys of Yaoffer50160.exe and several millions of other adware, hijackers, toolbars.

Alternative Removal Tool

Download SpyHunter 5

To remove Yaoffer50160.exe from Windows completely, we recommend you to use SpyHunter 5 from EnigmaSoft Limited. It detects and removes all files, folders, and registry keys of Yaoffer50160.exe and several millions of other adware, hijackers, toolbars. The trial version of SpyHunter 5 offers virus scan and 1-time removal for FREE.

Remove Yaoffer50160.exe manually for free

Here is a manual step-by-step tutorial for full Yaoffer50160.exe removal from your computer. This works 99% and was checked with the latest versions of Yaoffer50160.exe installer on operating systems with the latest updates and browser versions.

Remove Yaoffer50160.exe from Control Panel

To start removing Yaoffer50160.exe you should remove uBar using Control Panel. It should uninstall correctly, however, we recommend you to use IObit Uninstaller to clean leftover items after uninstalling. Here are instructions for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Remove uBar from Windows XP:

  1. Click on Start button.
  2. Choose Control Panel.
  3. Click Add or Remove Programs.
  4. Find uBar.
  5. Click Uninstall.

Remove uBar from Windows 7:

  1. Click Start button.
  2. Then go to Control Panel.
  3. Click Uninstall a Program.
  4. Find uBar and click Uninstall.

Remove uBar from Windows 8:

  1. Hover mouse pointer to the bottom-right corner to see Menu.
  2. Click Search.
  3. After that click Apps.
  4. Then Control Panel.
  5. Click Uninstall a Program under Programs.
  6. Find uBar, click Uninstall.

Remove uBar from Windows 10:

There are 2 ways to uninstall uBar from Windows 10

Way one
  1. Click on the Start button.
  2. In opened menu choose Settings.
  3. Click on the System tile.
  4. Click Apps & features and locate uBar in the list.
  5. Click on it and then click Uninstall button near it.
Way two (classic)
  1. Right-click on the Start button.
  2. In opened menu choose Programs and Features.
  3. Locate uBar in the list.
  4. Click on it and then click Uninstall button above.

Cannot uninstall uBar

In some cases, uBar won’t uninstall and gives you message, that “You do not have sufficient access to uninstall Yaoffer50160.exe. Please, contact your system administrator” when you try to remove it from Control Panel or “Access denied” error when removing uBar folder and files. This happens, because file wtc.exe or service does not allow you to do it. In this case I will recommend you to use SpyHunter 5 or Malwarebytes or uninstall uBar in Safe Mode. To boot in Safe Mode do the following:

  1. Reboot your computer.
  2. While it starts booting press F8 button.
  3. This will open Advanced Boot Options menu.
  4. Choose Safe Mode and wait until Windows loads.
  5. Go to Control Panel > Uninstall a program and remove uBar

>> See detailed instructions and video tutorial on how to boot in Safe Mode

Yaoffer50160.exe files:


Yaoffer50160.exe folders:


Yaoffer50160.exe registry keys:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSConfig\startupreg\yaoffer50160
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run "yaoffer50160" "C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\yaoffer50160\yaoffer50160.exe"
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run "uBar" "C:\ProgramData\uBar\uBar\uBar.exe"

How to block ads and pop-ups, offering to download Yaoffer50160.exe

As Yaoffer50160.exe is mostly distributed via special ads and pop-ups promising to fix windows errors or remove viruses, a good way to avoid installation of Yaoffer50160.exe is to block such ads in browsers. There are a couple of programs that have such functions. We recommend you to use AdGuard to remove ads by Yaoffer50160.exe from browsers. Download free trial here:

Download AdGuard

Get best internet security to protect from threats, like Yaoffer50160.exe, in the future

One of the most famous and reputable security programs for Windows is SpyHunter 5. Advanced algorithms and large databases help SpyHunter detect and remove various types of threats. Get complete protection from ransomware, adware, spyware, trojans, viruses and potentially unwanted program (PUPs), like Yaoffer50160.exe, with SpyHunter 5. Download it here:

Download SpyHunter 5
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