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Lamenting about accidentally deleted files and wanting to restore them? – Then Stellar Data Recovery Professional is right for you! Born and fostered in the USA, it is considered to be the leader in the data recovery market. Very often, manual retrieval of damaged or deleted files can take a lot of time and require professional skills, however, with the help of Stellar Data Recovery Professional you can automatically scan your device for missing or corrupted data and restore it as a result. Moreover, the program is capable of implementing more complicated tasks such as fixing corrupted hard drives, file system corruption, and more. You can download it for free, but it is limited to only scanning and previewing options, so you will need to opt for the paid version to run the recovery itself. Stellar Data Recovery Professional is definitely effective in recovering data, however, not without flaws that are going to be discussed in the article below.

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  1. Recover lost or deleted data. Stellar Data Recovery Professional is known to be versatile in restoring various types of files such as emails, pictures, videos, audio files, and so forth. The program deals with all types of data loss situations including drive formatting, disk corruption, file deletion, and more. It can recover data from FAT, ex-FAT, and NTFS formatted drives and partitions.
  2. Recover Data from Missing Partitions. Stellar Data Recovery Professional comes along with the feature that finds and locates the missing partitions on a drive, which might have been lost due to deletion or malware intervention. Once the scanning is complete, all the partitions that are found during the scan process get listed under the partitions section. You can also use the Deep Scan utility rather than running a Quick scan if the desired partition was not found.
  3. Recover Data from Crashed Windows. The program offers to create bootable media to prevent permanent data loss due to BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) errors, especially if repetitive bootups result in continuous crashes and restrict you from accessing your data.
  4. Recover Data from Encrypted Drive. If you were infected with a ransomware-type virus, then your data is locked. In this case, you should first get rid of ransomware and run a scan for feasible copies that remained after the encryption. Oftentimes, ransomware clears any traces like shadow copies to hinder users from recovering the data, however, if got lucky and ransomware did not get that deep, you can restore the lost files with this feature.
  5. Disk Imaging for Speedy Recovery. You can also recover data from hard drives that have bad sectors. You can create an image of an entire hard disk, existing logical partitions in the hard disk, or any other removable media like pen drives or external hard disks.
  6. Optical Media Recovery. This feature may appear very useful when it comes to recovering data from scratched, corrupted, or partially burnt optical media. The range of disk types covers CDs, DVDs, HD DVDs, and Blu-ray discs.
  7. Preview the Files before Recovery. With this feature, you are allowed to display the list of detected files whilst performing a scan. If you realize that the program has already found the necessary files, you can recover them in the process.
  8. SMART Drive Monitoring and Cloning. The recently added feature gives an opportunity to monitor temperature, drive health, and other important markers to avoid any data loss due to disk failures. Clone Disk option allows creating a copy of the drive to prevent permanent data loss due to accidental malfunctions.

Dealing with ransomware-encrypted files

Unlike many other vendors of data recovery software, Stellar pays attention to the vital issue of modern cyber security – ransomware encryption. There is a special section on their website – Ransomware Virus Recovery, where you can get emergency help with recovering files affected by GandCrab, Dharma, GlobeImposter, REvil, Crysis, Phobos and other types of ransomware. Stellar Data Recovery Premium has instruments to recover corrupted and encrypted images, videos, databases, documents. Besides, there is one more crucial opportunity to recover some important files in case of a ransomware attack – recovering deleted copies from the past (even deleted from Recycle Bin). During regular workflow users often delete duplicates or copies of files, that got encrypted by ransomware. So after complete ransomware removal, there is a possibility for recovery for such data.

Lab Results

Recovering lost data is a very scrupulous and intricate task, but Stellar Data Recovery Professional negates all of the doubts. Being awarded by multiple labs and blogs, it is truly efficient and proves what it says. The software easily restores deleted and corrupted files. Of course, it mostly depends on the extent of the situation because if the data was inflicted by ransomware, then more likely you will not get your files back. Nonetheless, in regular circumstances like restoring files that were deleted from the recycle bin, the program drives out successfully and prevails most of the rivals. You can be confident that the paid version pays off its promises and recovers the data. Stellar Data Recovery is recognized by industry experts and authoritative web portals like TechRadar, Tom’s Guide, PC Magazine, Windows Report, and many more.

After a deep scan that lasted over an hour, the software found tons of gigabytes that can be restored. Of course, there can be some inaccuracy in those numbers. Woefully, Stellar Data Recovery Professional is not able to preview ZIP archives, instead, you should choose to scan the files contained in those ZIPs manually. Some of the files were not detected or even mistaken because the program showed fragments of HTML files, but not the whole files.

Price: As mentioned, the free version allows only to scan and preview the lost files. To recover them, you should purchase the Professional edition that starts at 79.99$ per year-subscription. Besides that, the company offers more advanced versions like Premium and Technician.

Compatibility: Stellar Data Recovery Professional is available on both Windows (7 and above) and Mac (Mac OS X 10.7 and above).


+ Recovers all media formats
+ Previews files while scanning
+ A wide range of features
+ User-friendly interface


– No 1-month license

Final thoughts

Stellar Data Recovery Professional is a legitimate utility that allows recovering data even in high-stress environments. I think being under the scope of social media prompts the company to keep its plank and always improve to not lose its reputation. So far, results show a high probability of recovering lost or corrupted data. Remember that none of the software is perfect, however, you can still try using this app to see if it satisfies your needs. I would also consider using it as a prophylactic measure to be able to retrieve the lost files at any moment.

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