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How to fix Bad Image error (0xc000012f) in Windows 10

Bad Image is a popular file-related issue that pops whilst trying to open an app in Windows 10. It states some file is either not designed to run on Windows 10 or contains some error. Reinstalling a problematic program or contacting software vendors is the only solution offered by the error message. Trying to do so may not help as there are often broader reasons for its appearance. In most cases, Bad Image errors indicate there is a corrupted or incorrect version of the DLL file specified in the text of the error. This can happen as a result of some crashes, misplaced or non-existent components, damaged updates, and various other similar causes. It is also possible to happen after users downloaded some DLL files from third-party resources to fix other errors. The name of the DLL file written in the Bad Image error message can be quite helpful to pinpoint more accurate reasons for the problem. Normally, people encounter 0xc000012f or 0xc0000020 errors due to issues with Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable software. If you see your DLL file start with msvcr, msvcp, or other names like ucrtbase.dll, then it is likely to have something wrong with the above-mentioned Visual C++. In all other cases, it is better to google your DLL and get a detailed summary of its emergence. Below, we will show you the most popular and effective solutions that help people get rid of Bad Image errors in most cases.

How to remove GoodMorning Ransomware and decrypt .GoodMorning, .LOCKED or .REAL files

GoodMorning is a malicious program classified as ransomware. Its main goal lies in earning money on victims whose data has been encrypted with strong ciphers. Usually, victims end up aware of the infection after GoodMorning assigns a new complex extension to compromised files (ending with .GoodMorning, .LOCKED or .REAL). For example, 1.pdf and other files stored on a system will be changed to this pattern 1.pdf.Id(045AEBC75) Send Email( or .Id = D8CXXXXX Email = .LOCKED. The ID inside of extensions will differ individually as it is unique to each of the victims. Then, once all files end up encrypted and visually changed, the virus creates text notes called either GoodMorning.txt, ReadIt.txt or ReadMe.txt. It is meant to explain broader instructions on how to recover your data.

How to remove Wiot Ransomware and decrypt .wiot files

Wiot Ransomware (a.k.a. STOP Ransomware or Djvu Ransomware) is extremely dangerous virus that encrypts files using AES-256 encryption algorithm and adds .wiot extensions to affected files. The infection mostly involves important and valuable files, like photos, documents, databases, e-mails, videos, etc. Wiot Ransomware does not touch system files to allow Windows to operate, so users will be able to pay the ransom. If the malware server is unavailable (computer is not connected to the Internet, remote hackers' server does not work), then the encryption tool uses the key and identifier that is hard-coded in it and performs offline encryption. In this case, it will be possible to decrypt the files without paying the ransom. Wiot Ransomware creates _readme.txt file, that contains ransom message and contact details, on the desktop and in the folders with encrypted files. Developers can be contacted via e-mail: and

How to remove Pagar Ransomware and decrypt files

Pagar is a ransomware program that infects Windows systems to encrypt personal data. It affects the configuration of stored files making them totally inaccessible. This means any attempts to open the files will be denied due to encryption. Besides configuration changes, Pagar Ransomware alters data by visual means as well - by assigning the extension to each file under encryption. For instance, a file like 1.pdf will change to and reset its original icon to blank. After all files end up encrypted, Pagar creates a ransom note called Urgent Notice.txt, which explains how to recover the data. Ransomware developers are being concise and say you have 72 hours to send 0.035 BTC to the attached wallet. Right after completing the payment, victims should contact developers via attaching their own wallet address and unique ID (written in the note). Unfortunately, there is zero information on whether Pagar developers can be trusted.

How to fix Windows Update error 0x800703e6

Also known as ERROR_NOACCESS: Invalid access to memory location, 0x800703e6 has been the main agenda of many Windows users trying to update their system. Specifically, the error occurs whilst attempting to install KB4023057, KB5003214, KB5003173, and other cumulative updates on Windows 10 versions 1903, 1909, 2004, and 20H2. Some users also reported the same problem when installing KB5005033 for the latest Windows 10 version 21H1. Most often, error 0x800703e6 says there is some disfunction in memory processes run on the system. The update process is likely to lock out because two applications are using the same memory location. This can also be followed by problems with registry keys, drivers, system files, and settings ensuring your updates function correctly. To resolve the issue, we recommend approaching each method listed below until you find the one working for you.

How to fix SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error in Windows 10

SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION is a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error that can emerge anytime whilst using your PC. BSOD errors can be a true nightmare for regular users endlessly trying to fix them. As a rule, such errors are not single, but rather multi-sided meaning they can be triggered by various reasons. The list of most popular reasons contains corrupted files, disk damage, compatibility, and driver-related issues. Unless eliminated, the error will constantly pop making you irritated and sad instead of enjoying a flawless PC experience. Luckily, it has been more than 3 years since SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION showed its first signs in Windows 10. Now, it is investigated enough to propose the most effective and working solutions for its removal.