How to remove Scarab Ransomware and decrypt .oblivion, .xtbl or .amnesia files


Scarab Ransomware is a large family of international file-encrypting virus-extortionist. It has multiple versions and languages and attacks computers all over the world. Scarab Ransomware has typical malicious activity: it encrypts user files using AES encryption and demans ransom for decryption. Latest versions of this malware add .oblivion, .xtbl, or .amnesia extensions and modify filenames using randomly-generated alphanumeric sequence.

How to remove Prime Updater


Prime Updater or PrimUp! or PrimeUpd is misleading application, that pretends to be software updater, but in fact delivers ads and pop-ups in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It has basic functionality to detect and download browser and flash updates (although browser offer own updates themselves and Adobe has official updater). However, such trivial functional is given by a great price. Prime Updater gets access to browser settings, can download and install not only updates but also advertising browser extensions and runs on startup.

How to remove (Mac)

Standard is unwanted search engine for Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers running on Mac. It is installed by browser hijacker along with freeware. This webpage is associated with famous Safe Finder malware and search queries, that user types on are redirected to and then to This website overrides search and homepage settings in browsers, and hijacker module does not allow user to revert this settings.

How to remove Web Companion


Web Companion is legal security application from Lavasoft. It was developed to promote Lavasoft products and services by installing browser add-ons such as Ad-aware Security Search, Ad-aware Ad Block, Ad-aware Web Protection and Ad-ware Smart Shopper in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Although, Lavasoft is considered reputable vendor and applications may be useful there are some side effects and undesirable consequences for inexperienced users. This extensions modify browser search and homepage to either, or, depending on your location. Those are not most wide-spread search engines and novice users complain of unexpected browser modifications. Ad-aware Smart Shopper can display ads, pop-ups and discount coupons on shopping sites.

How to remove PremierOpinion (Mac and Windows)


PremierOpinion by VoiceFive Networks is potentially unwanted program, that can infect Windows and MacOS systems. It can be classified as spyware and adware. Some users report ads and pop-ups by PremierOpinion, some indicate survey pop-ups in the bottom-right corner of the desktop. Research of recent versions of PremierOpinion shows, that this application collects private information about users computers without any permission and transmits this data to its servers. This data includes web surfing habits, program usage statistics, computer configuration, e-mails, adresses. There are obviously many unpleasant ways to use this information.

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