How to remove Alpha Shoppers


Alpha Shoppers is browser ad-supported add-on, that installs in Google Chrome. After infiltration malware takes control over homepage and search engine settings in this browser. Adware redirects user queries to search powered by Search results by Alpha Shoppers may contain sponsored results and extra ads. Additionally, this unwanted application displays ads and coupons on shopping sites in form of drop-down windows, pop-ups, banners.

How to remove Search Awesome


Search Awesome is pesky adware for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, that creates ads, pop-ups and integrates banners into browser pages. It is advertised as tool to improve user search experience by showing results shared by friends in social networks and inserting additional widgets into search result pages. In reality, Search Awesome generates third-party advertising on shopping and travel sites like Amazon, TripAdvisor, Ebay, Google.

How to remove Clean My Chrome


Clean My Chrome is another malicious add-on for Google Chrome, that displays annoying ads, banners, pop-ups. It is advertised as tool to clean browsing history and cookies to make Google Chrome faster. However, even novice users know, that this can be done using standard browser menu, without installation of additional software. Clean My Chrome infiltrates computers in a bundle with freeware.

How to remove Always Weather ads


Always Weather is deceptive browser extension for Google Chrome, that is actually ad-supported weather forecast add-on. There are many weather forecasting websites, legit programs and applications available online. To make its way to users computers Always Weather uses stealth installation techniques in a bundle with freeware. This potentially unwanted program tracks users internet activity, and displays advertisements based on browsing habits and visited websites.

How to remove Plugins Button


Plugins Button is advertising browser add-on, that mainly installs in Google Chrome. It provides zero functionality, in exchange for displaying obtrusive advertisements. Plugins Button generates various types of ads: pop-ups, banners, redirects, drop-down coupon ads. This negatively influence users online experience, slows down browsing and harms user privacy. This adware also may collect and share browser and personal information for advertising purposes.

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