How to remove

Standard is domain that is used by browser hijackers to override browser settings in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It is almost identical to previously described hijacker. The purpose of this computer threat is to display ads, pop-ups and lead users to certain websites, while browsing. website has yellow header and “Funny collection” name, like all the threats of this type.

How to remove MacWizz


MacWizz is adware program for Mac systems. It infects Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. After infection virus starts showing advertisements like “Ads by MacWizz”, “brought by MacWizz” or “Powered by MacWizz”. These ads are not related to the contents of the websites, but often they are shown on shopping websites. MacWizz extension creates “virtual layer” in browser to generate pop-ups, coupons, banners and can implement ads on any website.

How to remove SurfBuyer (Mac)


SurfBuyer is unwanted advertising program that displays ads and pop-ups in Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser on Mac. Ads can promote various things, like rogue software for Mac, discounts, shopping deals and other type of doubtful offers. Application installs without user permission and starts generating advertising content. In some cases adware installs “SurfBuyer” extension in browsers.

How to remove

Standard is malicious search engine, that alters browser settings in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It overwrites values of homepage and default search engine in all this browsers and modifies browser shortcuts. Hijacker adds “” to the “Target” field in shortcut properties and browser always open this website in the new tab. redirects user search queries to “” or “”, but collects typed data and users browser information to sell this data to advertisers.

How to remove (Mac)

Standard is unwanted search engine for Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers running on Mac. It is installed by browser hijacker along with freeware. This webpage is associated with famous Safe Finder malware and search queries, that user types on are redirected to and then to This website overrides search and homepage settings in browsers, and hijacker module does not allow user to revert this settings.

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