How to remove Bytefence Anti-Malware


Bytefence Anti-Malware has some distribution issues, uninstallation problems and unwanted browser modifications. All this relates to behavior of potentially unwanted programs. Some users ask us to create uninstall guide for Bytefence Anti-Malware. This application can be removed manually, but in some cases it may result in error messages. So, here we prepared instructions to remove Bytefence Anti-Malware easily and solve problems with Bytefence Redirect.

How to remove Stack Player


Stack Player is cheating media player for Windows. Main feature of this program is to play online videos from a desktop widget. Player allows to play, search and add to favorites videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and Blinkx. Stack Player may seem useful, however, along with that it starts displaying ads and pop-ups in browsers.

How to remove Spice Nice


Spice Nice is browser extension designed to show commercial ads and pop-ups in browsers. Spice Nice works under Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It is promoted as add-on for searching discounts and deals on shopping sites, but in reality, Spice Nice generates ads inside of Google search results and on various regular websites. Ads are signed specifically: “Ads by Spice Nice”, “Related Search by Spice Nice”, “powered by Spice Nice” or “brought by Spice Nice”.

How to remove Chromium


Chromium is browser similar to Google Chrome. It is built on open source platform called Chromium. Many adware developers use it to develop Chrome-like browsers and install them using “bundle” along with free programs. Chromium sets itself as default browser for internet surfing and replaces Google Chrome icons on the desktop and pinned icons on taskbar. Users sometimes do not recognize the change.

How to remove Tencent QQ


Tencent QQ by Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited is chat software that originates in China. There is nothing malicious in its activity. Main issues with Tencent QQ are: it installs with Chinese interface and sets on Startup of Windows. Users cannot determine what buttons to click to follow uninstall process. Sometimes users cannot find Tencent QQ in the list of installed programs. In this article we will show how to remove Tencent QQ from computer.

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