What is dead Android and red triangle error

It was a long time ago when Android users came down to witness their smartphone die and remain stuck refusing to boot. The screen showed a dead Android with a red exclamation triangle popping out of its chest. In many cases, an Android phone or tablet also shows a “No command.” inscription under the logo. Unfortunately, this error touched and continues to do so with owners of older smartphone models manufactured by all popular vendors (Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Motorola, Asus, Lenovo, etc.). Users have been reporting this issue appears when trying to boot up a smartphone or enter Recovery mode. Although it is less likely to show its presence on new generations of smartphones, the solutions listed in our guide will be useful for them as well in case such an error appears. Make sure you try each solution until the right one is found and finally deals with the issue.

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1. Launch in Safe Mode

The reason why your Android smartphone could face the error may be related to some third-party application causing incompatibility. If you started receiving the error after installing new software, enter Safe Mode and delete it to prevent this issue from happening again. Safe Mode allows users to boot their device using only in-built applications and features so that nothing third-party causes a problem. Even if there was nothing installed prior to the error appearance, this method will still help you turn the smartphone back to being alive. Here is what you should do:

  1. While having your smartphone stuck on the dead Android screen, press and hold both Power and Volume Down buttons together.
  2. Once your smartphone starts booting, release only the Power button and continue holding the Volume Down button.
  3. Keep holding until your smartphone boots fully straight to the home screen.
  4. Once done, you should be in Safe Mode and ready to delete the culprit application or simply reboot your device to quit Safe Mode and the error as well.

2. Detach your Phone Battery

If the battery on your smartphone can be removed, try this to force shut down your smartphone and boot up again to avoid the error. The method does not guarantee you will not face the error again, but sometimes it helps. Do not forget to put the battery back, otherwise, you will not be able to boot. If there is no option to remove the battery from your smartphone, move on to other solutions below.

3. Wipe Cache data

Overloaded partitions of cache can sometimes lead to problems like dead Android with its red triangle pointing out of the chest. This can be fixed right from the dead screen by clearing cache data. This process will not touch your personal data but simply delete some temporary files. Follow the steps below to do it.

  1. Press and hold both Power and Volume Down buttons together as we did above.
  2. Release the Power button once the device logo pops on your screen.
  3. When Android recovery menu appears on top of the screen, release the Volume Down button.
  4. Choose Wipe cache partition option using Volume buttons to navigate and the Power to start the process.
  5. As soon as the process is done, reboot your device and check if the same error appears.

4. Scan your smartphone for malware

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If you managed to boot to your home screen in normal mode after some solutions above, we recommend you scan your device for malicious presence. An error like dead Android can show up due to malware or unwanted applications. The best way you can figure this out and detect suspicious activity is to use a specially-educated program like antivirus. High-quality and trusted anti-malware solutions can offer constantly updating databases of malware to find it and neutralize quickly. Manual removal may not be as effective as using anti-malware software. The virus may show reluctance to deletion or otherwise leave redundant traces. Our strong recommendation is Norton Mobile Security for Android which has been providing thorough protection and removal of various threats across desktop and smartphone operating systems. You can download it from Google Play for Android and run malware removal for free.

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5. Reset to Factory Settings

Rolling your smartphone back to its factory settings means you will delete all data stored on the system and reset default configuration settings. In other words, your entire Android system will be installed from scratch. This is a more radical step, which should be used only if no easier methods helped you resolve the issue. Before performing the steps, make sure you have no important data to lose. Otherwise, you should make a backup of personal data. You can do this by entering Safe Mode and copying your photos, music, videos, and other available files to another device. The first three steps below are the same we used in some methods above.

  1. Press and hold both Power and Volume Down buttons together as we did above.
  2. Release the Power button once the device logo pops on your screen.
  3. When Android recovery menu appears on top of the screen, release the Volume Down button.
  4. Choose Wipe data/factory reset using Volume buttons to navigate and the Power to start the process. Confirm the action if you are asked to.
  5. Wait until your device is reset and reboot the system.

6. Deeper issues like Hardware

The last thing everyone wants to avoid is hardware problems. Unfortunately, if your smartphone continues running into the same problem over and over again despite trying all the available options (even factory reset), chances are the device is dealing with hardware issues. Therefore, if your smartphone has not run out of warranty yet, you can go to the shop you bought it from and ask for help. Maybe they will simply give you a new smartphone or offer another solution. Furthermore, if you have a very old device, maybe you should consider buying a new one. There are plenty of cheap and decent options to choose from on the smartphone market these days.


Errors like dead Android and red triangle are pretty rare compared to others in the smartphone world. Even so, it managed to count a number of victims throughout its never-ending existence. Although its frequency reduced with Android updates and newer generations of smartphones, some users may still be affected by this irritating error regardless of it. We hope you are no longer part of this story and nothing else holds you back from a complete smartphone experience.

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